Terms & Conditions

The person submitting any order form accepts total responsibility for full payment and any additional costs that may be incurred in the production of the order under the following terms and conditions:

  1. All orders must be paid in full before product is delivered and on the payment schedule set for the product. There is a $30 charge for rejected charges and returned checks. All clients with a defaulted account will be given to collections. Any clients that fail to pay their bills will relenquish the rights to their projects and associated assets.
  2. The client agrees to a strict limit of 2 changes post proof, but must be requested before product is completed.
  3. Clients have 7 business days to express their dissatisfaction after recieving their product.
  4. Jubiki Studios is not responsible for editing content given by the client.
  5. There could be slight color variations between the final print production and the online proof due to variations with color settings on monitors and software used to view your proofs.
  6. Jubiki Studios reserves the right to display client work in portfolios and galleries.
  7. Jubiki Studios reserves the right to reuse project assets, unless otherwise agreed upon.