Before you order, please schedule a free consultation. These consulations help us to better serve you. Below is a description of our services. All services marked with an askerist (*) will have an overview download included. Please remember to provide your email.

All prices include taxes.


Books and Magazines Layout and Cover

People say that the hardest part of publishing is completing a manuscript. Well, designing the final look is hard too. Let us do that for you while you handle the bulk of things. We'll have your work looking good no matter how it reads.

Price: $212

Social Media

A big part of looking authentic is matching social media profiles. Let us make sure you check that off your list. We'll have you looking good in no time.

Price: $54 per two images

Photo Edits

Did you take a great photo, but don't like a few details? Let us edit it for you.

Price: $32 per photo

Logo Design

Logos are a way for people to recognize your brand. Let us create you something truly unique that communicates who you or your business are.

Price: $106 per photo

Web Stuff

Free setup included with your web service!

Web Maintenance

Some people don't have time to maintain their websites. We have a service for those people! For a monthly or yearly fee, we'll make sure your site stays updated and accessible. This service doesn't include content creation or editing.

This is a subscription based service. You can choose to pay $106 monthly or $848 yearly.


You're responsible for the content, domain name, and hosting for your website. These are items not included with your free setup. However, for an additional charge, we'll handle it for you.

  • Content Creation - $20 per page
  • Domain - $28
  • Hosting - $28

Basic Website

Enjoy a veil of authenticity without the trappings of a complicated CMS. These websites provide information and aren't updated often. Get a simple dashboard for editing with rights and control over your content. Want to upgrade eventually? It won't be a problem.

  • $212 [1 to 2 Pages w/ 3 custom icons & 2 layouts]
  • $372 [3 to 4 page site with 4 custom icons and 3 layouts]
  • $424 [5 to 7 page site with 5 custom icons and 4 layouts]
  • $530 [8+ page site with 6 custom icons and 6 layouts]

Blogs, Fan Sites & Other Things

Some people want to spend pennies on their website, yet need something more complicated than a one-page slap job. We understand your needs even when you don't. Let us set you up on the CMS that'll grow with you.

  • Customize Existing Theme: $382
  • Build a Custom Theme: $690
  • E-Commerce: $1272+

Schedule a free consultation

We have extensive experience in our field. Talk to us about what you want to do, and we'll make sure you get there with the right technology. Let us set you up for success.


You're a busy catching success. Let us handle the tedious details that you don't want to deal with.


Our convenient branding package has everything you need to build a brand. Included is:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards (250 ct)
  • Thank You Cards (10 ct)
  • Letterhead (10 ct)
  • Mailing Labels(10 ct)
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Branding Guide
  • 7 Page Website

Your branding guide will include the following:

  • About Your Company or Brand
  • Mission or Focus (if applicable)
  • Brand Voice
  • Moodboard
  • Color Palette
    • Primary Palette
    • Secondary Palette
  • Palette Usage
  • Typography
  • Logo Variation and Usage

Price: $1272


If you're attending a large event as a guest, you'll want to order our convention package. You can add flyers to your package. Please read our product overview for more information on them. The package includes:

  • Business Cards (250 ct)
  • Headshots (100 ct)
  • 11" x 17" Poster (1 ct)
  • 36" Wide Table Runner (1 ct)
  • 14ft x 6ft banner (1 ct)

Price: $848

Go Getter

Build a strong online presense and connect to fans with a robust site built for weekly updates and fan activity. The package includes:

  • CMS Website
  • Branding Guide
  • Image Optimization
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Logo

Your branding guide will include the following:

  • About Your Company or Brand
  • Mission or Fpcus (if applicable)
  • Brand Voice
  • Moodboard
  • Color Palette
    • Primary Palette
    • Secondary Palette
  • Palette Usage
  • Typography
  • Logo Variation and Usage

Price: $1484

If you order a package, and need more than what is included, you can order additional items. Please talk to us about adding to your order.

Special Order Only

Please email us about placing an order.

Posters and Flyers

If you want to order a poster or flyer, please drop us an email with your project details. These are special order items only. To see details and a price list, please download our product overview. Payment is expected upfront for these items.

Comp Cards and Headshots

These items are special order only. You must drop us an email with your details to order them. Please read our product overview for further details.

Video Editing

Weo do edit videos by special order only. Whether you're submitting a demo reel or a television show, we can get it edited for you in no time. Please drop us an email with details about your project.

Business Package—Only 2 Slots Left!

For people that need extra help, we offer an exclusive business package to clients committed to success. Our business package offers professionals a multitude of services for $1k a month or $10k a year. Whatever service you need⏤whenever you need it⏤it'll be done for you. It's a bundled discount to die for.

The services offered are outlined above. We're limited to six slots, and only two are left! Ask us for more details. Please email us about filling a slot.